• Glasses in a glass cabinet
  • Colcannon Bites served
  • Bar area, a staff member making cocktails
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About us


We welcome Capitol Hill to come in and have some tasty food, and hang with us to get to know the staff and neighborhood! Sláinte! We have waited a while, and we know you have to! Let's do this!

So, here ya go! This is your motley crew that's gonna throw down your new favorite neighborhood bar! You have already been so welcoming and fantastic. We can't thank you enough. More great things are to come!

Between the three of us, we have covered a lot of ground in our lives. This is a new venture for us to conquer! We can't do it without all of you! We have all been friends for quite a while. Have explored the country and world between us! The Bear actually performed the marriage ceremony of the Beagle and Otter not all that long ago! Now we are ready to focus on this Great Cap Hill Neighborhood and settle down to make a home for not only us but all of you! Come hang out with us! We are actually kind of fun.